About Us

Suyog primarily was involved in retail business to suffice the needs of students and the teaching fraternity with its chain of stores across western India. Suyog has been a touch point between students and the publishers and has been encouraging a lot of feedbacks from its retail customers and project the same to its member publishers.

Suyog widened its customer base with supply of books to institutions, colleges, libraries, corporate and government institutions as well.

Suyog enhanced its business as distributors of various Indian publications and later took a big leap by being the national distributors of various international books namely Springer Publications.

Suyog has a taken a step further by having its own publishing house catering to the needs of its students and teacher community by publishing various academic and reference books. Our authors are selected after rigorous research from our panel of consultants. Books published by Suyog are in lines of the curriculum of various universities and institutions.

Suyog looks forward to publish more books in the academic and non-academic segments and is keen to liaise with international publication houses for a collaborative effort to serve the education segment.

Team Suyog is on a constant drive to excel its services to its customers and other stakeholders and always believes in building long-lasting relationships with all its entities.

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